**Above pictures are, “a childrens view from Gaza” art work created by children from Gaza depicting the 2012 war

A children’s view from Gaza, is an exhibition of children’s art that reflects the horrors adults and children living in the Gaza Strip. The exhibition travels the world since 2012 and has been LONG LIVE PALESTINE!

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Check out our newest show with independent journalist Noor Harazeen from Gaza on the current attacks by Israeli occupying forces, plus other Palestinian solidarity related news. 

This show along with all past shows can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/on-resistance/long-live-palestine

If you’re in the LA area you can listen to the show live on 90.7 KPFK @1:30pm on Sunday, July 20

A day after our interview,”Here is our office ! The Israeli warplanes targeted an apartment in Al-Jawhara building and our media agency is located just next to it .. I thought we journalists were protected ! NOT if you are a Palestinian journalist”




"When I last spoke to Noor the number of Palestinians that were murdered was 220, now with ground troops and tanks the numbers have increased to …..  electricity was only available for 8 hours now they have no electricity the We talked about the idea of numbers, there becomes a time when you become desensitize to it all, shoot I’ve even heard people say when Israel first started bombing Gaza, well isn’t Israel always bombing gaza what else is new. Sure, from our cozy beds on our computers it seems like nothing new, we scroll through pictures of dead bodies and broken limbs on our newsfeed and wonder if those who posted it are in poor taste or not, type our anger statuses or rants like the one I’m typing now but still, we sit here under our fascist regime and we do nothing. Even with all our anger and sadness and fury we sit here and do nothing. The goal of Israel has been made clear, in the words of Israels MP, “they want all the Palestinian mother’s to be killed so there can be no more”.  So the question will we allow for this to continue to happen? Our government (whether you pledge allegiance to them or not, everytime you buy something you pay a sales tax) gives this fascist regime 3.6 billion dollars a year so that Israel can test out all of their experimental weapons. France banned Pro-Palestine protest, and the people responded by rioting in the streets. The US government senators voting UNAMNIOUSLY in favor of Israel, what are we going to do to show solidarity? Are we going to be scared to take a street? Break a window? Shut down intersections? There is no pleading with power, we can only to demand it. 

Solidarity is a verb, and I apologize for our inaction, which has allowed for us to be complicit in your murder.” - Bobby London

"This rhetoric of “both sides” implies that pain and fault belong equally to Palestinians and Israelis. It erases manifold, unmistakable, qualitative and quantitative differences at play in Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip and the political-historical context in which this is taking place — most centrally, that what is occurring is part of a settler-colonial invasion.

“Both sides” rhetoric refuses to make even the easiest, most obvious judgment, to which any honest evaluation of the information points: that Israel is massacring Palestinian adults and children, 77% of whom are civilians, and subjecting them to collective punishment; that Israel evidently claims for itself a right to extra-judicially execute anyone who it says is a Hamas member, a practice too few among even Palestine’s allies have denounced; that Israel is bombarding what is essentially a giant refugee camp home to an imprisoned population of a people Israel has ethnically cleansed, occupied, subjected to apartheid, and repeatedly slaughtered; that international law does not grant Israel a “right to defend itself” against the Gaza Strip. And that international law does grant Palestinians a right to resist using armed struggle.”

A Plague on One House


Obama Humiliates Muslim Guests at White House Ramadan Event, Endorses Israel’s Gaza

Assault and NSA Surveillance


CNN removes reporter Diana Magnay from Israel­Gaza after calling Israelis celebrating the death of Palestinian civilians ‘scum’


A children’s view from gaza


Health crisis looms in Gaza after Israel bombs water infrastructure


Mark Gonzales ­- Gaza


"War is cruel, it distorts the human characteristics within us, no matter our ability to withstand. Before anyone thinks about the restoration and reconstruction of Gaza after the war, they must think seriously about the way to restore the lives of the people of Gaza, and sew up the holes within them,because what Israel ultimately aims to do is kill us, or at least demolish our spirit and ability to live."

Todos somos gaza


The Palestinian Authority stands in the way of the Palestinian struggle

"The PA has long been criticized for being counterproductive to the Palestinian struggle. Concerns range from financial corruption to security collaboration with Israel. The PA has been rightly accused of being a proxy for the Israeli occupation in so­called Areas A and B of the occupied West Bank.These are the areas designated under the 1993 Oslo accords, comprising about a third of the West Bank, where PA forces keep order and calm on behalf of the occupation."


" We need to acknowledge this privilege that allows us to measure and manage our risk, to avoid action, response and consequence. To allow only impacted people targeted by state terror to experience it- as most separate ourselves for more ‘reasonable’ and ‘appealing’ courses of action/inaction. Ultimatelt avoiding managing distorting or erasing conflict rather than facing it. This isnt true of all of our people, because there is genocide and degrees of imprisonment on amerikan streets. But most people know that the closer you get to effectively challenging the narrative/supporting the resistance…the oppression and the eyes of the state apparatus (which has networks beyond borders for they are the only institution worthy to market such relationships) will train on YOU. Everyone knows this, and it is accepted and tolerated. #repression and #collectivepunishment from #gaza to #egypt and the world over, by all illegitimate governmental institutions against the people who attempt to self determine their own conditions. Colonialism has to be maintained through force, and even if we say otherwise, we accept this. Because the colonizers actions (and the state) carry legitimacy, and we are mostly people who have resigned our power. Though we may agitate desperately to remind ourselves that this doesnt have to be the case and it isnt inevitable or absolute. The Palestinians and all affected by this military regime and all the regimes set up to serve this countries interests such as Israel, will continue to suffer because of our own and amerikas self preservation."

Free Palestine


Counter Insurgency:


Counter Insurgency in the US:


Today in Gaza – no electricity, no water, no respite


Gaza: Israel’s $4 billion gas grab


War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields



http://www.af3irm.org/af3irm/2014/07/af3irm­speaks­out­against­border­brutalities­women- seek­to­tear­down­walls­from­palestine­to­the­us­and­mexico/

“We oppose the Zionist­Eurocentric foundation of the State of Israel that claims a racist, exclusionary, and privileged Jewish identity and discriminates citizenship and land title rights on the basis of race. Instead, we support the creation of a free, independent, anti­oppressive, and democratic society within historic Palestine. This includes the right to return of Palestinian refugees and global freedom of movement into Palestine for those who desire it. We believe that the right to mobility, which is primarily the reality for millions of poor and racialized migrants who are indigenous to the global South, is distinct from capitalist settler­colonialism that destroys or assimilates existing societies and justifies theft of land and resources for the benefit of a privileged group.

Given the Israeli government and its imperialist allies’ monopoly over state violence, we believe it is necessary to support the right to Palestinian armed resistance, which has even been affirmed by the imperialist international legal regime. We reject the false dichotomy of violent and non­violent resistance, a Eurocentric construct that serves to divide, simplify, and decontextualize diverse movements.”

NOII­Van Basis of Unity on Palestine


A poem by a Palestinian girl


Detroit rallies largest turnout for Palestine in years


The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle


The long history of Black ­Palestinian solidarity


LAPD relationship with Israel


DHS open fire on Palestine solidarity activist




Egypt blocks aid convoy from entering Gaza

http://english.al­akhbar.com/content/egypt­blocks­aid­convoy­entering­gaza utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AlAkhbarEnglish+(Al+Akhbar+English)

if you’re going to protest an embassy…Turkish protestors raise Palestinian flag on israel consulate 



I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

Loved tattooing this friend of mine!!

Loved tattooing this friend of mine!!


this is why cultural appropriation is fucking horrible. You take our culture, you take our labor, you take our spirituality BUT you don’t want us, our brown bodies.
fuck you, you don’t deserve anything.
No, you are not appreciating my culture when at the same time You are deporting us and oppressing us.


this is why cultural appropriation is fucking horrible. You take our culture, you take our labor, you take our spirituality BUT you don’t want us, our brown bodies.

fuck you, you don’t deserve anything.

No, you are not appreciating my culture when at the same time You are deporting us and oppressing us.







True love never gets old!

I am Rita

the fairy

I wish to have love like this.

I am shedding tears

God I love old people

Tajín hace más de 45 años. Tiempos  en que te podías meter a las ruinas en tu carro y subirte a pirámides e imaginarte que eras arqueólogo buscando objetos entre las piedras.

Tajín hace más de 45 años. Tiempos  en que te podías meter a las ruinas en tu carro y subirte a pirámides e imaginarte que eras arqueólogo buscando objetos entre las piedras.


this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.

Fucking assholes!! 


this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.

Fucking assholes!! 


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